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Dennis Franzen

Dennis Franzen started in the business of commercial illustration 35 years ago and has completed works for major U.S. agencies such as Leo Burnett, FCB and J. Walter Thompson. Some of the accounts included Coca-Cola, Miller Brewing Artline, Oldsmobile, Pillsbury and Pizza Hut.

Franzen’s work has been featured on billboards, commercials, QVC TV, in print and in the movie, The Package with Gene Hackman. His fireman sculpture is on the series Chicago Fire and he’s been commissioned by many U.S. businesses to design logos.

Franzen’s sculpting portion of his career began 20 years ago with Roman, Inc. who classified his wildlife line of work as “The Dennis Franzen Collection.” He was also commissioned to create pieces for the Bradford Exchange and Wildwings, Inc.

His work range includes many mediums including clay, sculptures, abstract art, wall murals, wall reliefs, wood burning, stained glass, computer illustration, and laser metal design.
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Dennis Franzen

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