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Ron Wennekes

Conceptualism: a genre wherein the idea is the most important feature of the work of art. (Wikipedia) The commercial art we do in the advertising business could aptly be called "Conceptual Art" At the very least it shares the same priority and that is what Ron Wennekes enjoys most about working as an illustrator. "Fleshing out concepts into finished art is a great gig but I'm also addicted to the chase getting good comps and storyboards done for pitching a new campaign or commercial. Visually translating ideas for an inspired director or team has that extra kick." After 20 plus years of experience, Ron has it down to an art. He mixes the right expression with the right amount of realism in a wide range of styles. He has served a long list of clients and a longer list of brands. Ron's five year association with the Steve Edsey Studio attests to the fact he is also pleasant to work with.




Ron Wennekes

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