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Archer Men - Posters

“The inspiration came from 1960s James Bond posters,” Berk Wasserman says of the ads, which present a collage of photorealistic illustrations. To wit: The poster for the European Sports Car room freshener features an image of a man in a tuxedo surrounded by hot women, a cool sports car, and dice. There is some danger thrown in, too, with helicopters, an explosion, and a bad guy with a gun in the mix.  Wasserman describes the ads as funny and tongue-in-cheek, “harkening back to a time when it wasn’t really that ironic to be that masculine.”

Originally, the expectation was that the Archer Air Superiority ad campaign would be based on a photo shoot. “But we just didn’t have the money or the time, and that pushed us into this area of photo illustration, and we couldn’t be happier about that,” Wasserman says. “Sometimes it helps to have constraints.”

Poster-sized versions of the ads have also been sent to retailers for POS displays, and there will likely be more posters to come and perhaps some online trailers with a B-movie feel.

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Archer Men



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